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These mags are in new condition and come to us bulk packed in packs of Back to all Zastava Arms. Maurice Klein verified owner — February 16, Michael Bruno verified owner — February 23, Scott H. Michael Bruno verified owner — March 9, Mark S. This was exactly like the magazine that came with my pistol. The price was very reasonable, and you charged a more than a fair price for shipping!

Who does that anyone? Fast service, fair prices…. Price was very good on a hard to find item. Customer service kept me informed as to order progress. I will use you again and tell others to do the same! David D. Soren verified owner — June 2, Nice additional factory mags. If you have the compact M88a, these will lock-in and work as an extended mag. David Barry verified owner — June 5, Bruce G. Samuel verified owner — June 17, Joseph R. Loved the compatibility with my M70AA and was fairly priced so much so that I placed an additional order for 2 additional magazines.

The website is Worldwarsurplus. Douglas verified owner — June 18, Matthew K. Your email address will not be published.While chatting with the crew of Quantico Tactical in Junction City, Kansas I noticed a customer look confused as he came up to the firearms counter.

He had good reason. The pistol cabinets were almost empty and the walls were bare. The continued panic buying had stripped the place of pistols and rifles.

While the walls were usually covered in rifles and shotguns, only a Remington and hung there now. The pistol cases had also been ravished. It took a bit for the staff to explain to him the extent of the recent panic buying spurred on by the Leftist anti-gunners and their attack on the Constitution.

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As I'm sure most Shotgun News readers are aware, there has been an unprecedented run on firearms, ammunition and magazines like this country has never seen before. Due to this run on everything firearms related, I have been trying to tread a bit off the beaten path. Rather than writing up the latest Modern Sporting Rifle, which is likely backordered six months, I went searching for interesting deals which were actually available. A simple, durable and reliable piece in a popular and effective caliber, the M70A has a very interesting lineage.

A quick examination of the M70A will reveal it's a variant of the tough Soviet 7. But the foundation of the design predates Fedor V. Tokarev's work by decades. While not as small as the Colt Modelthe TT is very thin and easy to carry with a short butt.

It utilizes Browning's distinctive short-recoil tilting barrel system of operation, right down to his swinging link. So, in some respects the design is straight Colt-Browning. However, Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev certainly added his own distinctive touch to the design. He began working on this model in the s as a possible replacement for the obsolete Model Nagant revolver. One of the Soviet Union's most prominent small arms designers, Tokarev was born on June 2, At the age of 17 he was admitted to the Military Vocational School at Novocherkassk.

Zastava Arms M70AA 9mm Tokarev

Four years later he graduated as a Cossack noncommissioned officer and was assigned to the 12 th Don Cossack Regiment as an armorer-artificer. He graduated in at the age of 29, received his commission and returned to his Regiment as a Master Gunsmith. In the years that followed he would survive the Revolution and become a key small arms designer for the Soviet Union.

Like all Soviet designers of this period, he was influenced by Vladimir Grigoryevich Fyodorov, although not to the extent Sergei Simonov was. For his work he received the Hero of Socialist Labor award in He passed away in March of at the age of While Tokarev 'borrowed' some features from the Capitalist Browning, he did more than just copy.

His design differs from Browning's work in certain distinct areas. Most notable are the lock mechanism and safety arrangements. In Tokarev's design the lock mechanism is 'packaged' in that the sear and hammer assembly are removed as a unit.

This package also contains two machined guides which act as feed lips to aid reliability. The easily removable firing mechanism allows quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. Plus the machined guides make this design more tolerant of low quality or distorted magazines.

Tokarev also ditched Browning's extractor design. He replaced it with a simpler external extractor pinned in place. While people will argue with me, I feel this was an improvement.The M70 is a recoil-operated, single-actionpistol. This model differs most significantly from the locked-breech M57 by employing simple blowbackas this method is suitable for less powerful ammunition.

Other differences from the parent M57 are found in the safety mechanismswith both a manual safety lever and a magazine disconnect being present. The manual safety lever is located on the left side of the frame, above the grip panel, and flips forward to fire and back to engage the safety. Owing to its Tokarev design lineage, the pistol is easy to dissemble and the hammer assembly is removable as one piece.

Zastava M70A opis pištolja (gun review, eng subs)

The sights are fixed, with the rear sight being drift-adjustable for windage. For many years these pistols were used by Yugoslavian police [3] and military. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of Semi-automatic pistol. Archived from the original on 12 March Zastava Arms.

Zastava M70 (pistol)

M83 R R M77 M77 B1. M76 M91 M93 M Zastava VP Category Commons. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Commons category link from Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Crvena Zastava now Zastava Arms. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Zastava M70 pistol. Air pistol GPWhen the world entered into the First World War it was said that the Americans went to war with a target rifle, the Springfieldthe Germans went to war with a hunting rifle, the Mauser M, and the British went to war with a combat rifle, the Lee-Enfield.

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Catalogue page for the. These rifles are however not only eye-wateringly beautiful, but they are also eye-wateringly expensive. They initially had their new rifles made by FN in Belgium until they were able to enter into a contract with FN to manufacture the FN Model in their own country.

Ff2 item duplication

It was Zastava Arms who were the ones who were commissioned to get these new Mauser M based M24 military rifles into local production and this officially commenced on October 15th,which was the 75th Anniversary of the beginning of Zastava Arms original company in Kragujevac. Picture courtesy The Swedish Army Museum. After the Second World War Zastava Arms were involved in refurbishing the many captured German Karabiner 98k rifles in the country, many having been in the hands of partisans.

This model was referred to as the M Zastava Arms began making their M70 sporting rifles based on the M24 FN M in the post-war period but while they were under communist control, in what was by then named Yugoslavia, we did not see these rifles being sold under the Zastava Arms name.

In recent years however, now that the armed conflicts that have plagued Serbia for decades thankfully seem to be over, we are seeing the company manufacturing and selling their M70 sporting rifles under their own name.

Picture courtesy icollector. The happy result of all this is that these well made and affordable sporting rifles are now becoming more and more available. This rifle is best described as a sporting version of the Zastava M24 i. Changes made to the military M and FN M are seen here. The flag type safety catch is changed to a side mounted sliding catch that blocks the trigger and prevents the bolt from being opened.

The bolt shroud is a shapely modern type, and the bolt handle is a new shape to make the rifle suited to sporting and optical sight use. To make the M70 a sporting rifle the bolt handle was reshaped to make it perfect for use with a rifle scope and swept back a little to provide for easy cycling of the action. The safety catch blocks the trigger and on this model locks the bolt closed when the safety is engaged: a feature that helps ensure the bolt is not accidentally knocked out of battery, something that is especially important on a dangerous game rifle.

The Zastava M70 stays very faithful to the Mauser M in almost all respects including having a heavy firing pin strike. Zastava M70 barreled action removed from the stock. With the barreled action taken out of the stock it can be seen just how faithful the Zastava M70 is to the Mauser M The bolt is the same and features the third safety lug, and the solid anti-bind rail on top. The extractor is the standard claw type providing a controlled round feed and the fixed blade type ejector works with great efficiency.

All the parts of the barreled action are made of steel with the magazine box an integral part of the action trigger guard. The steel floorplate is hinged and opens by a plunger catch located at the front right side of the trigger guard. This is a very positive design that is not likely to accidentally come open due to recoil, nor is it likely to be inadvertently opened by the shooter.

The three trigger types available for the Zastava M 1. European Double Set trigger. Picture courtesy Zastava Arms. The trigger is smooth and predictable in operation with a smooth initial creep, a clean break, and a moderate amount of over-travel once the trigger has broken. It is nice to use and perfect for snap shooting situations such as when hunting, although it is also nice to use for a deliberate shot such as when target shooting or shooting off the bench-rest.

The trigger on my 9. This single stage trigger is adjustable for weight and travel but such adjustments need to be done carefully and preferably by someone with the requisite level of knowledge and experience. Adjustments to this trigger also affect the operation of the safety catch and adjustments have to be made so as to keep both the trigger and the safety catch working faultlessly.

This is a common trigger style on European rifles and is easy to use. If the shooter wants a lighter trigger pull the trigger is pushed forwards which sets it with a much lighter pull and typically with no creep. To unset the trigger simply engage the safety catch and trip the trigger remembering of course that the muzzle must be pointed in a safe direction while you do that.Subscribe to our newsletter to receive interesting offers and amazing discounts! Google has removed all gun related apps from Google Play store.

Here is the alternative way to install our apps on Android phone. As part of the Android Operative system, there is a restriction that blocks installing applications outside the Google Play Store.

cz m70a

For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Play Store" message as you try to install. But how do we get there? UPC barcode scanner for guns and ammo.

Compare ammunition prices, firearm prices and accessories. Skip to main content Skip to search. Catalog for Zastava deals total. Filter Catalog for Zastava. Close Reset. It is designed for police and military applications and used worldwide.

The rifle provides exceptional precision at long distances and preforms in extreme environments. The M91 has gas regulator enables the weapon to be used in tough conditions and ensure reliability.

The stock provides adjustment and allows for the shooter to get a comfortable position for long range shooting. Zastava Arms M91 Sniper Rifle 7. The Zastava Arms M91 Sniper Rifle is built around the same reliable gas piston system developed for the AK but is scaled up for use with the 7. The stamped receiver features the same build quality that Zastava is known for with properly set rivets except this receiver features a 1.

Primary Arms Compare prices for this product Classic Firearms Compare prices for this product The EZ9 pistol is a modern firearm typically used as a service pistol or a personal defense gun however it is equally at home on the range. Due to its exceptional design and highly ergonomic state of the art frame, it is a favorite of shooters around the world. The Zastava factory utilizes state-of-the-art technology in all of its production and this pistol stands out with its precision accuracy and functionality.

Zastava EZ9 9mm Compact 3. The attention to detail on the new ZPAP M85 is superb from the properly set rivets to the deep blue finish that blends beautifully with the dark walnut forearm and synthetic pistol grip—all of which are US made parts for R compliance.

cz m70a

Zastava M57 Tokarev Type 7. They are unique and quite nice. All are chambered in 7. Made by Zastava Arms. FFL Required.There are 3 specific models of the grip, and they fit the following guns: 1 M57 and M70A, with safety on the slide. Cz Bren, evo.

Zastava M70 (pistol)

It took me a few days to figure out how to remove the magazine catch but I finally did it. Now i was buying new barrel in 9mm bohler steel 9x19 and 9mm bushing. If you've been thinking about a new full-sized gun, read on to get our take on this excellent firearm.

These guns were used until fairly recently by the Czech Police and some Military officers. The pistol was loosely based on the Zastava M57but is scaled down to accept the smaller and less powerful 7,65mm Browning.

Contact Us. Rings are nicely contoured with a slim rounded surface for a more attractive appearance. Trigger, Ease of use,Accuracy,Comfort,Ammo availability. For many years these pistols were used by Yugoslavian police and military. Beavertail model that helps with slide bite. GI : Barrel is screwed into the receiver on threads. Manual Thumb. It is compact in terms of its slide width and grip diameter, which houses a single stack nine round capacity blued steel magazine.

Zastava Arms started making cannons and has grown into world wide supplier of firearms and artillery for both Military and civilian markets exporting to over 40 diffrent country's. He had good reason. Zastava MA The first in my series of the T. Made of Ash wood with matte red finish.

cz m70a

The CZ had a special load that was fps and delivered about J ft-lbsbut only approved for the CZ pistol.Colt full profile compensators, also parts for CZ pistols, Makarov pistols, and TT33 pistols. CZ series mags. Reloading Gauges. Powder Measures. CZ M52 in 7. They look unissued and come with holster and spare mag. Chinese Army Model CF Reloading Bullets. February 28, Steel with blued finish, holds 8 rounds.

You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. The mid-grade walnut stock and matching forearm are in good condition. Zastava Arms started making cannons and has grown into world wide supplier of firearms and artillery for both Military and civilian markets exporting to over 40 diffrent country's. Price is 5. Shotgun Accessories. Loosely based on the M57, the M70 is scaled down to accept the smaller, less powerful. Charges up without issues and after a week or two This battery is the exact same as my Valkyrie CZ from ibuypower.

Contact Us. Overall they aren't bad guns for the money. I picked up a M70A with the intention of updating it a bit. We make our holsters from the finest materials to ensure a perfect fit so your gun is safe and in the right position when needed. Barrel is screwed into the receiver on threads.

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The Zastava M57 pistol was a standard pistol for the Yugoslavian soldiers and was adopted in and a copy of the Soviet TT pistol.

Zastava M70A - version of the M70 under-folding metallic stock.

cz m70a

Optic Accessories. It is compact in terms of its slide width and grip diameter, which houses a single stack nine round capacity blued steel magazine. Spare magazines are still available from Gun Parts Inc. Manual Thumb. They will only fit models M67 or M70 pistols chambered in. DumDumviews. Cz Bren, evo. Bosna i Hercegovina The serial is X. We offer a fine, one of a kind selection of hand engraved rifles and pistols.

This pistol is based on the military type M57 pistol. Theres not much out there for these guns, so i had to get creative. New, bulk packaging. The M70A is chambered for the 9mm Para cartridge and the M57 is chambered for the 7. The slide, frame, magazines and external components are constructed from blued steel.


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